Yellowstone Vacation Packages

Join Yellowstone Wolf Tracker for a special in-depth experience that is sure to inspire a lifetime of memories. For over a decade, we have offered full immersion wolf watching programs: our premier, all-inclusive, 6-day vacation packages. Our flagship offerings are purposefully scheduled outside of the busy tourist season, leaving the park in solitude, for the wildlife, which equates to enhanced opportunities for wolf sightings. Group size is capped at about a dozen people, which we have found to be an ideal number for giving individual attention within a fun group dynamic.

Autumn trips feature wolf packs following the vast herds of elk and bison to the valley bottoms. Frosty mornings often give way to warm, sunny days revealing the glory of this spectacular season. Search for wolves feeding on a fresh kill, hear the iconic bugle of a bull elk in the hills, all while spotting migrating eagles, hawks, and swans overhead.

Freshly fallen snow and frigid temperatures greet the adventurous who brave Yellowstone's winter for some of the best chances of witnessing amazing wolf behavior, including the dance of predator and prey, or pack members in the throes of dramatic courtship in the annual breeding season. Is hearing wolves howling on your bucket list? Visit in winter, when the call of the wild routinely reverberates in the valleys of Yellowstone.

A rebirth happens in spring when wildlife sightings soar with the arrival of migrating animals and the waking of sleepy hibernators. Birds, bears, and rusty red bison calves appear on the greening landscape at a time when female wolves dig their dens in preparation for raising the year's pups.

Premium vs. Standard
All of our programs are the same in featuring multiple days with copious field time for wildlife observation. Conditions allowing, we get away from the road and into the wild for a short hikes or snowshoe excursions. Time in the field and the probability for seeing wolves is roughly equal among all seasons and time frames.

For premium programs, we offer catered gourmet dinners for our 4 nights in Gardiner. Our caterers continually win the praise of our guests for their culinary creations. We happily will try to accommodate special diets. For our standard programs, the dinners will be on your own at any of several dining locations within walking distance of your hotel in Gardiner, Montana.

Expert Guests
Various guest experts often join our group briefly in the field for many of our programs. For the Premium programs, a presentation will follow the dinners in Gardiner. Past presenters have included biologists, photographers, and artists, including wolf researchers from the Yellowstone’s cutting-edge field team, an Emmy award-winning wildlife documentarian, and an inspiring activist with over two decades in Yellowstone bison advocacy.

Our programs are based at the charming north entrance town of Gardiner, Montana. The private rooms are in a comfortable hotel with balconies over the Yellowstone River, a private bath, TV, and Wifi. Our accommodations the first night are at a hotel in Bozeman, Montana, with a convenient shuttle to/from the airport. Several restaurants are within walking distance.

Packages include naturalist guiding for a 6-day, 5-night excursion with all lodging, transportation as noted (Bozeman to Yellowstone Park and back to Bozeman), park fees, high-quality optics, and meals (as noted in the individual trip itinerary). Price does not include airfare to and from Bozeman, Montana (BZN). A deposit of $500 per person reserves a space. The balance is due 30 days prior to the first date of the program. A full refund minus $45 processing fee will be given for all cancellations more than 45 days before the trip. For cancellations less than 45 days prior to departure, the deposit is non-refundable. We also accept personal or cashier's checks made to Yellowstone Wolf Tracker and mailed to PO BOX 769, Gardiner MT 59030.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker (The Wild Side, LLC) is authorized by the National Park Service to be a tour provider in Yellowstone National Park (CUA 13-133).

Trip name Dates Spaces left
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 5-10Feb. 5-10, 20232
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 12-17Feb. 12-17, 20232
Winter Wolf Watch ~ FEB 19 - 24Feb. 19-24, 20230
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 27-MAR 3Feb. 27 - March 3, 20230
Winter Wolf Watch w Dr. Doug Smith~Premium~MAR 5-10March 5-10, 20230
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 12-17March 12-17, 20230
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 19-24March 19-24, 20230
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 26-31March 26-31, 20230
Spring Wolf Watch ~ APR 2-7April 2-7, 20232
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ APR 09-14April 9-14, 20230
Spring Wolf Watch w Dr. Doug Smith~Premium~APR 16-21April 16-21, 20231
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ APR 23-28April 23-28, 20230
Autumn Wolf Watch ~Premium~ OCT 15-20Oct. 15-20, 202310
Autumn Wolf Watch ~Premium~ OCT 22-27Oct. 22-27, 20234
Autumn Wolf Watch ~Premium~ NOV 5-10Nov. 5-10, 202312
Autumn Wolf Watch ~Premium~ NOV 12-17Nov. 12-17, 202312
Autumn Wolf Watch ~Premium~ NOV 26-DEC 1Nov. 26 - Dec. 1, 202312
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ JAN 7-12Jan. 7-12, 202411
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ JAN 21-26Jan. 21-26, 202411
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ JAN 28-FEB 2Jan. 28 - Feb. 2, 202412
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 4-9Feb. 4-9, 202411
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 11-16Feb. 11-16, 20248
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 18-23Feb. 18-23, 202412
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ FEB 25-MAR 1Feb. 25 - March 1, 202412
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 3-8March 3-8, 202412
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 10-15March 10-15, 202412
Winter Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 17-22March 17-22, 202412
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 24-29March 24-29, 202412
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ MAR 31-APR 5March 31 - April 5, 202412
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ APR 7-12April 7-12, 202412
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ APR 14-19April 14-19, 202412
Spring Wolf Watch ~Premium~ APR 21-26April 21-26, 202412