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Glossary--a list of defined terms


Aged--A process or method to determine age.  In many animals this is done by collecting a tooth.  Within the tooth, a series of rings in which each ring represents one year of growth are counted.  It is much like aging a tree by counting the rings.  Back


bulletCarcass--the remains of an animal that has been killed and eaten by other animals.  Back


bulletCarnivore--an animal that eats the flesh of another animal. Back



Receiver--a radio not unlike an AM/FM radio.  This receiver receives the   signal sent by transmitters on wolves, rather than radio stations. Back



Scavenger--An animal that eats the dead remains of another animal.  Back



Spotting scopes--a series of lenses that provide high power magnification to allow observation at great distances. Biologists can sometimes watch wolves over 5 miles away.  Back


bulletTopographic map--a map illustrating features of the landscape using elevational contour lines.  Back


bulletTelemetry--a simply system for locating animals that includes a receiver, an antenna, and radio transmitters.  Back


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