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Spring 2013 Dates Announced

New adventure and trek dates have been announced.  We see the most wolves and bears combined all year during the June Wolf & Bear Adventure.  But the wilderness-based Spring Wolf Trek is just about as adventurous as one can get, 4 days, 3 nights walking and camping in Yellowstone.

Giving Back

The Wild Side, LLC, recently published a statement on its goal for sustainable practices and the social and environmental stewardship organizations it supports.

Wolf Conservation Center Excursions

The Wild Side and Wolf Conservation Center team up for 2 fantastic 5-Day/4-Night Yellowstone Excursions in 2012, Spring Adventure: May 25-29, and Summer Adventure: June 24-28.

Attractive Off-Season Programs

November 2012 and April 2013 programs are being offered by The Wild Side at amazing rates.  These programs take advantage of great opportunities to see wolves and other wildlife during the quietest times in Yellowstone.  Experience the solitude during these 5-day programs, both for under $1,000/person:  Late Autumn Wolf Watch & Early Spring Wolf Watch.

Wolf & Grizzly Base Camp

A new program from The Wild Side, a wilderness camp is the setting for observations of wolves, bears, moose, bison, and other amazing wildlife, as well as, grand day hikes to amazing scenic locations.

Mexican Wolves & Wildlife tour 

Join Naturalists Journeys and the White Mountain Apache for a tour of Mexican wolf country in Arizona, June 19-26, 2011, SPACE STILL AVAILABLE

Bob Landis Book

A recently published book about Bob Landis, the wildlife cinematographer who has done several incredible wolf films is now available from author Kevin Rhoades.

Yellowstone Photography Workshop

Jim Clark, renowned outdoor photography instructor returns to the park August 15-18, 2011, for a fabulous workshop on wildlife and nature photography.

Decoding 302

Raising research funds for mapping the genetics of famous Yellowstone Wolf 302M. 

Expert Map of Yellowstone pull-outs

Buy a map of the landscape of the northern range with names of the observation points.  Proceeds to benefit park wildlife programs.

New amazing web

Dave Hornoff's is an incredible source of news, stories, and advocacy presented with the authority of a steadfast and passionate ally for wolves in the wild.

Winter Wolf Retreat dates announced for 2011

Consistently, this program has been one of the most popular and successful offerings from The Wild Side, LLC.  It sells out earlier and earlier each year so reserve a spot before they are gone!

Nathan Varley, PhD, to visit the Wolf Conservation Center April 3 

Join WCC and Dr. Nathan Varley for a Saturday afternoon lecture presentation on the wolves of Yellowstone Park.  ALSO, you can join the Wolf Conservation Center and The Wild Side LLC for a wolf watching expedition to Yellowstone May 24-28, 2010.  Full details at

Extended Winter Wolf Watch

The Wild Side offers 5 full days of late winter wolf watching in Yellowstone, March 4-March 10, 2011.

Dates for Spring Trek Announced

Join The Wild Side for a marvelous Spring Wolf Trek through Yellowstone's Northern Range, May 1-5, 2011.

Your help needed to protect Yellowstone Wolves

Buffer Zone around Yellowstone needed to protect wolves from hunting.  We need your help to protect Yellowstone wolves!

Spring Photography Workshop Returns

Join Nathan, Linda, and renowned photography instructor Jim Clark for this unique nature photography workshop.

2010 Winter Wolf Retreat Dates Announced~!

The dates for immensely popular winter wolf retreat programs have been confirmed for 2010.  The 2 retreats at Lamar Buffalo Ranch with many hours of wolf watching and presentations by local biologists will take place January 27-31 and February 20-24.

2010 Yellowstone Wolf Calendar

This one-of-a-kind calendar features never before seen photos of wild wolves in Yellowstone National Park. This calendar captures photographs of natural, undisturbed behaviors of wolves. Each year, HawkSaw will select a cross section of photographs from the re-introduction in 1995 to the present. Each month will feature a stunning photograph of wild wolves and a description by Doug Smith. The calendar measures 8.5 inches x 11 inches and is printed on 100lb gloss text paper and contains and 80lb gloss text cover.

WINTER WOLF RETREAT 2009 dates announced

Enjoy an amazing retreat to the Buffalo Ranch of Lamar Valley with THE WILD SIDE and the Yellowstone Association Institute.  These 2 5-day programs feature lots of wolf watching and appearances by special guest experts.  Can't miss it!

Receive updates from YWT

Stay informed with email updates and news about wolves in the park, current events, & upcoming programs.  JOIN THE LIST AND RECEIVE THE LATEST INFORMATION!

Mark z on the 07 Spring Wolf & Bear

Mark z, photo-adventurer whose travels are detailed at, attended the 2007 Spring Wolf & Bear trip and provides a fantastic testimonial with equally great images!  New dates for a spring wolf and bear just announced:  May 24-28, 2008.

WOLVES & GRIZZLIES--after de-listing

Grizzly bears and soon wolves, too, will be recovered species in the Yellowstone area, officially.  The success of both species'  recovery programs has ushered in a new era, one where both species can be viewed in one of the country's premier wildlife sanctuaries, as well as, where future threats to the populations undermine the recovery.  Join a host of experts July 18-22 for an in-the-field examination of the crucial issues of wolf and bear recovery in Yellowstone.


The height of spring viewing=lush vegetation, singing birds, and the young of the year are on parade in this early June venture to observe Yellowstone's premier predators!

2008 Winter Wolf Retreat, January 7-11

The dates for the annual Winter Wolf Retreat have been announced!!  Enjoy wolf watching with experts Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston while enjoying the comfort of Lamar Valley's Buffalo Ranch facility.  Also, see the detailed schedule.

Autumn Wolf Watching

This is an exceptional time of the year to visit the park.  Great scenery, wildlife activity--and no bugs or excessive tourists!!  Inquire for reservations, October 4-8, 2007.

Wolves Outside The Park!

Want to learn how packs are doing outside the park?  Take this Yellowstone Association Institute class to find out ! Field trips to locations where efforts for co-existence between livestock and wolves depends on both ranchers and environmentalists to work on the problem.  Includes Paradise Valley and Lamar Valley...

Spring Wolf Trek

An active way to see wolf country.  This 4-day hike is supported!  Carry only your personal and safety gear 5-8 miles per day.  Also includes a driving safari and a night at a historical Montana hot springs resort!

Yellowstone Wolf and Bear Adventure

Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston lead a week-long adventure through Yellowstone Park to the best locations for wolf and grizzly sightings.  Trip dates are June 2-8, 2007, prime viewing season.  Inquire about reservations.

Yellowstone Winter Wolf Retreat

Join experts Doug Smith, Bob Landis, Linda Thurston, and Nathan Varley for a fully-catered, deluxe wolf watching retreat at the Buffalo Ranch in Lamar Valley, Jan 23-26, 2007.

Wolves in Your Classroom

A New Teacher Workshop offered by the Yellowstone Association Institute, December 1-3, 2007 at the Lamar Valley Buffalo Ranch.

Summer Courses Announced

Join the Yellowstone Association Institute for the 2006 season with a wide variety of programs both rewarding and memorable for all wolf enthusiasts.  Plan your winter and summer trips to Yellowstone with the Institute!

Inspiring poetry from the field

Paw Prints and The Mighty Wolf by Bridget Lyons were inspired by tracking and watching wolves of the Druid Peak pack in Yellowstone National Park as part of a Yellowstone Association Institute course.

Yellowstone Wolf Original Oil Painting

Barbara Rathbun renders an original oil painting of Yellowstone's Agate Creek wolf pack.

Winter wolf courses schedule

Join the Yellowstone Association Institute at their field campus for an informative seminar on wolves with area experts!  Browse the entire schedule and plan your visit to watch and learn about wolves.

New Images of Yellowstone Wolves

Kim Kaiser, noted wildlife photographer, has a nice collection of wolf photographs from Yellowstone in the winter.  Kaiser's intent is to present wildlife in its natural state and artfully portray the beauty of our natural world and the creatures in it.

Brilliant Images of Yellowstone Wolves

Browse the newest gallery of Yellowstone Wolf photographs, all for purchase from the photographer.  Yellowstone resident Mark Miller has had the persistence to capture amazing images of Druid Peak Pack wolves, 21 and 42, plus a stunning sequence of a Swan Lake wolf.  Check it out, print the order form and have your own of these images.

New Offering from The Yellowstone Association Institute--Gray Wolves, Gray Matter: A Wolf Ecology Workshop for Educators

In this workshop, educators will learn and exchange ideas for teaching about these complex animals and the human dynamics that influence their survival. Participants will gain expertise in wolf ecology and behavior while observing wolves in the field, then explore the many ways to translate that into meaningful learning opportunities for students.

Yellowstone Wolf Courses

See the many new offering from the Yellowstone Association Institute's catalog of field seminars.  Register online and go to Yellowstone to observe wild wolves and learn from the experts, an unforgettable experience!

Yellowstone Wolf Photograph

Duke Coonrad had an exceptional wolf encounter and has a very nice image to show for it, now available for purchase in the gallery.

Better to See You With by Barbara O'Grady

Encountering wolves in the high country of Yellowstone could not have been a better summer adventure for a seasoned wolf watcher.

Wild Wisdom by Christine Baleshta

Christine eloquently captures moments discovered by many Yellowstone visitors on the journey that is a search for wolves and meaning.

2000/2001 Yellowstone Wolf Territory Map >>> posted at Yellowstone Wolf Packs

What should I do if a wild wolf approaches me?

Yellowstone Wildlife Tracker details some cases and provides Important do's and Dont's on these close encounters.

The Difference Between Looking and Seeing

Christine Baleshta discovers the complex and enriching connections to Yellowstone during a Yellowstone Association Institute wildlife watching course

Trifid: being deeply and narrowly cleft into three processes

With three haiku's, Marc Moss vividly describes how he and his companions witness wolves killing a bull elk

Life Gives Life

Christine Baleshta witnesses predation during a wildlife watching class and eloquently puts it into context.   Another Yellowstone Institute student sees the big picture.

Bison, Wolves and Bears

Nathan Varley reports on the annual winter expedition for Defenders of Wildlife.  Also review reports on past winter expeditions.

A Story in a Valley  part II

Laurie Thurston completes her narrative of a bold adventure in Yellowstone, succinctly, and in her words,   "I wonder how a place becomes part of your soul.  This is the power of Yellowstone: it is an ongoing story with ever-changing characters."

Breakfast with the Druids

"Thundering growls echoed from the slopes as one would lash out at a neighbor that had impinged upon its space."  A recent sighting that surprised just about everyone, but could not have worked better.  Defenders of Wildlife Audio report #4 by Nathan Varley

Winter Wolf Discovery

Yellowstone Association Institute program couples naturalists with park visitors for wolf watching

Born To Be Wild

Susanne Hülsmeyer shares the highlights and hardships of her Yellowstone Institute wolf course from rising painfully early to bonding with a "pack of wolf watchers."  Her astute discoveries lead t0 a compelling and momentous reaction to the entire experience.

New Alpha Male

A new print by Todd Fredericksen commemorates Wolf 21's ascent to top dog in the Druid Peak pack, as seen in the recent film, Return of the Wolf, a National Geographic Special.

A Story in a Valley

A winter visit to Yellowstone yielded many memorable moments for Laurie Thurston.  Spurred by the memory of wolves 40 and 163, she revisits her journal to fix these moments into one story.  The result, A Story in a Valley, is told with an enduring dedication to these absorbing moments and there meaningful offering to author and reader alike.

Grazing Land Sought

Defenders of Wildlife seeking to alleviate wolf-livestock conflicts in Yellowstone Area by leasing alternative grazing lands

"Return of the Wolf " on PBS, an amazing film 

Bob Landis' wolf masterpiece is finally available for public consumption. Devour it!  National Geographic's description includes Q & A with Yellowstone wolf biologist Dr. Douglas Smith.   Read YWT's extensive praises!

The Magnificent by Sarah Snapp

At one point in time or another, many of us have a similar experience.  In a single moment a connection is made and a complete obsession has begun.

New wolf programs offered by the Yellowstone Association Institute this winter in Yellowstone:

Winter Wolf Discovery combines the best of Yellowstone Association Institute instruction with fine accommodations provided by Yellowstone Park Lodging.  Plan your winter outing today!

Druid Dreams by Barbara O'Grady

A transfixing story of reality and dream, with lessons illustrated by Lamar's familiar spirit guides; an accomplished narrative by YWT's newest talent.

Handling Relatives by Lynn Weston

Poetic justice done to the frequent encounter between wolves and their smaller canine relatives.

The Unwatched Watchers by Kristin Kenlan

Kenlan's most recent visit to Yellowstone yielded some very memorable moments.  A harrowing tail of wolf watching at its best, and worse, penned by one of YWT's most talented contributors.

Photographing the Yellowstone Wolves

by Joel Sartore and Nathan Varley

A long-in-coming tribute to several great wolves and the graven images they inspired

Return of the Wolf   to appear on PBS

The well-awaited premier of Yellowstone's Druid Peak Pack on public television.  This National Geographic Film by producer Bob Landis is scheduled for broadcast on November 15, 2000

More Than A Number  by Lynn Weston

Weston pays great tribute to the angelic legend, Wolf 39, in another fine verse of poetic prose

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