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Fredericksen Gallery

Yellowstone Wolf Images

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New Alpha Male

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Cutting One Out

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In the autumn of 1995, film-maker Bob Landis filmed the Crystal Creek Pack hunting a large herd of elk in the Lamar Valley. The sequence was exceptional in that few other filmed encounters between wolves and their prey could match the duration and detail found in this 5 minute plus sequence. It is considered by many wolf experts to be the most exemplary work in existence illustrative of the hunting technique used by gray wolves . The complete airing is currently featured in the video, Yellowstone Wolves: Predation, an instructional video for natural history curriculums.

Landis commissioned local artist Todd Fredericksen to re-create the now famous scene from the film. Todd's finished work features the alpha pair of the Crystal Creek Pack, Number 4, the distinctive dark wolf, and Number 5, the beautiful light-colored wolf. The pair are "cutting one out," referring to the process by which wolves single out a potential victim on the basis of its vulnerability.  This testing and seeking behavior was exhibited quite evidently in the film sequence.



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First Outing

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"First Outing" depicts the intrepid first exploration of the pups of the East Fork Pack in Denali National Park, Alaska. The original was commissioned by Bob Landis who filmed this amazing event in 1994 while on assignment in Denali. Four pups, one helper, and the mother take to the field against the backdrop of the incredible, glacier-rich mountains by "The Great One," Mt. McKinley.


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