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alpha21.JPG (20102 bytes) New Alpha Male

300 Limited Edition Prints

Commemorates Wolf 21's ascent to top dog in the Druid Peak Pack

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The Druid Peak Pack


by Dan and Cindy Hartman


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Winter Travelers

The 1997 members of the Druid Peak Pack traveling along a ridge in the Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park during a February snow storm.

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The Yellowstone Wolf Tracker Gallery features these fine artists and photographers:

Newlin Gallery  Limited Edition Print Photography by Tony Newlin

Sartore Gallery  Prints by National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore

Hartman Gallery  Limited Edition Print Photography by Dan & Cindy Hartman

Fredericksen Gallery  Limited Edition Prints by artist Todd Fredericksen

Landis Wildlife Films  Stock Footage of Yellowstone Wolves, other wildlife and scenery

Isaac Babcock   Photographs of Wild Wolves from Yellowstone and Idaho



Sartore Gallery    Hartman Gallery    Newlin Gallery

Fredericksen Gallery     Landis Wildlife Films


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