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Queen Dethroned  Rose Creek Pack no longer has a place for an aging matriarch

Queen Re-throned Wolf 9 finds a new pack and a new mate

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Billings Gazette writer Michael Milstein writes about the fate of Wolf 9, the famous matriarch who, perhaps more than any other single wolf, contributed to Yellowstone wolf recovery.  Her saga continues...
PEbanrKH.GIF (87843 bytes) Kevin generously provided the next chapter, New Camp, in the Pelican Valley Expedition. The search for the Crystal Creek Pack in the remotest locales of Yellowstone continues with the ultimate goal of observing the age-old battle of wolves versus bison.  An epic tale is told.
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What You Don't See      by Kristin Kenlan

Fine work by a YWT regular contributor.
Running the Gauntlet - The Saga of Number 24

A harrowing account of how the Teton Pack alpha female came to be.  Well-researched and written by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition's David Cowan

Stomping Grounds

A piece I have been working on for awhile.  Its about home. N.V.

Number 21, My Favorite Wolf?

by Jason Wilson and Debbie Lineweaver

A fine accounting of a very tough decision to have to make.  Hope nobody every asks me who my favorite wolf is... N.V.

The Calf

Chasing Bison and Dreams

by Lynn Weston

Poems inspired by Yellowstone wildlife observations.  These moments were witnessed by Lynn Weston, a dedicated wildlife observer in the park.  N.V.

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A mid-winter expedition into the heart of Yellowstone's wilderness.  The sole purpose:  make rare observations of the Crystal Creek Pack

Number 39 Remembered

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Kristin Kenlan

This story was featured in DEFENDERS magazine, summer 1999

In a search for an appropriate introduction to this piece, one that would adequately capture what I found so compelling in its words, I was struggling to find concise descriptions.  But in an on-going dialogue with Kris she managed to capture it in her own words, "I think scientific knowledge and understanding are essential, but personal meaning is constructed in the emotional connections that we make."  Her approach exemplifies the sort of expository writing that Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is proud to convey.  Thanks, Kris, for another treasured memory of one of my favorites as well.  N.V.

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Memories of an Invisible Coyote

Moments from the life of coyote 620, a Lamar legend, told by one of her greatest admirers, Nathan Varley.  She was out there for so long and you may never have known it. 

Shades of Gray

Another profound essay by Kristin Kenlan on the nature of nature.  What color does she prefer?

"Wish List"

Nathan Varley

The story of pursuing the Leopold Pack in Yellowstone's backcountry for a National Geographic film production



Wolf Denning Behavior in Yellowstone, 1998 update


A report by Texas A & M graduate student Linda Thurston on the past field season and the progress researchers have made on the momentous scientific endeavor known casually as "den study."

"Graveyard Shift"

by Kevin Honness

Story of spending the night monitoring the Leopold Pack by Kevin Honness

"A Week with the Rose Creek Pack" 

Pursuing Yellowstone's largest pack with Daniel Stahler