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Handling Relatives
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by  Lynn Weston


Fingers of clouds hugged Lamar Valley,

And the mountains were hidden from our sight.

Out of the mist the wolves appeared like ghosts,

As several geese took flight.

Their eyes locked on the intruders,

And the decision was done.

Their large paws pounded the ground,

The wolves were on the run.

Their ears were back, ready for speed.

But almost as quickly as it all started,

The relatives took a big lead

For our intruders had quickly departed.

Breathing hard and a chance to rest;

You could almost see a smile upon their face.

When they headed back from where they came,

They exchanged glances pondering this brief chase.

We were partners with them for a brief moment of time;

In a morning shrouded in fog and little sun,

It was a time for chasing coyotes;

Don't tell them it was really all in fun!

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Based on a sighting on the morning of September 20, 1998

(9/21/98 by Lynn Weston)

Photograph by Isaac Babcock



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