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Trifid:  being deeply and
narrowly cleft into three processes

(from Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)


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In early June 2001, I wrote three haiku's after witnessing the
wolves of the Druid Peak Pack take
down a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

I chose the title because while everything we watched was very intertwined, there were parts of it, especially our relation to what was going on, that could never be completely infused.

I chose the scientific names for each section because I wanted to partially strip human emotion from the on-goings.


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                                           by Marc Moss

Canis     Lupus eternal struggle:

snarling teeth gripping life's flesh

bellies soon swollen

Cervus    Elaphus one instant explodes.

muscles straining end in death.

head drops.  eyes roll red.

Homo     Sapien
sweet sage.  sunset looms.

excitement burns hearts eager.

the show progresses.

As a way to connect with our natural world, the Japanese tradition of haiku has always appealed to me.  Very few of us live in the natural world.  We glimpse only snapshots.  Haiku's are the expressions of these snapshots.

These are chances for us to contemplate that which goes on around us, meditate on our own lives, and try to make sense of the chaos around us both in the urban wildness and the natural wildness. They are a chance for us to find answers to unanswerable questions.     --Marc



bloodtrax.jpg (5238 bytes)


Marc Moss is an interpretive ranger working in Yellowstone National Park.  He joined a Yellowstone Association Institute course to learn more about wolves and our relationship as humans to them.   Along with fellow classmates, he witnessed the events described above on the first evening of the course.





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