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Yellowstone Wolf Print Available for the Holidays

On October 2, 2002, Duke Coonrad of Mercer Island, WA, had a serendipitous encounter with two gray wolves between Canyon Village and Norris Junction in Yellowstone. After a heavy snow storm early in the day, two wolves crossed the road in front of him through a thick band of evergreens.  As there were no others around, he was able to make a U-turn, and drive back looking for any movement through the trees.  The wolves were loping parallel to the road behind a thicket of roadside evergreens. Duke drove ahead of the wolves, located a small opening through a hedgerow of snowy trees, and walked through to an open area surrounded with burned timber.  The wolves veered to their right, away from the road and headed into the timber.  The first wolf never stopped, but the second one stopped about 300 feet from me, and looked at me for about 10 seconds. I was handholding an image stabilization lens with a digital camera body.  I recorded 6 consecutive frames before the wolf turned to follow its traveling companion deep into the downed timber. The photo is of a beautiful, healthy looking gray wolf.  It wears no collar.  The lighting, snow, and downed timber leaves no doubt about the photograph being taken in the wild, and in Yellowstone National Park.  

The image is available from the photographer in the form of a 12" by 18" print, individually printed on PREMIUM LUSTER INKJET 10 mil paper and signed by the photographer.  Each photograph will be shipped in a flat package, not rolled, and normal ground delivery should be 4 to 6 business days, unless other shipping arrangements are made.

Contact Duke Coonrad:

Each 12 X 18 print is $85.00, including shipping and handling.  If not satisfied upon receipt of the print, return it within 30 days for a refund, less shipping and packaging. Duke Coonrad has been published online, in Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, and Nature Photographer.


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