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Wolf & Grizzly Basecamp

September 2013  TBA

Backcountry Trek

2 wolves and a grizzly fight over a bison carcass  by Nathan Varley


Wildlife, Wilderness, and Well-being

Leave the crowds behind on this autumn wilderness program, in which morning wildlife viewing has opportunities for wolves, grizzlies, elk, bison, moose, and a host of other amazing birds and mammals, all in the backcountry setting!  Mid-day, guests will take moderate hikes to spectacular scenic vistas and learn about the amazing wildlife ecology and geology of the high country from expert naturalists.  A gathering around the campfire each evening finishes the day with great food, fun, and plenty of storytelling.

High Adventure

Yellowstone native and veteran wilderness trekker Nathan Varley,   This active adventure asks


Our basecamp features great backcountry

Wolf & Grizzly Basecamp

A fun-filled adventure promising the experience of wildlife and wilderness in one program.  Join The Wild Side, LLC, this September for this treasured opportunity.

September 2013 TBA 

Fees: $985/person.  Package includes guiding, backcountry camps, meals, park fees, and transportation to/from the trailhead.  The program begins and ends in Gardiner, Montana, at the north entrance of Yellowstone Park.  $300 per person reserves a space with the balance due 30 days prior to the program.

To reserve your spot at the basecamp, contact The Wild Side 


Local Outfitters:  The Wild Side, LLC, Hawkridge Outfitters, LLC.

Expedition Staff:  Nathan Varley, PhD, & MacNeil Lyons, NOLS Certified Wilderness First Responders

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Day 1:  Meet at 7 PM at the Track Center in Gardiner, Montana, north entrance to Yellowstone for greetings, orientation, and final preparations for the trek.

Day 2:  Entering Yellowstone Park, the group will be transported to the trailhead for a 5 mile hike through the upper Gardiner River valley to the base camp.  After settling into camp, the group will take a short hike to a lofty view of the valley for evening wildlife sightings.  All meals provided.

Day 3:  Early morning wildlife watching may produce sightings of wolves, bears, moose, elk, bison, coyotes, cranes, and owls.  After rest at camp, the group will day hike 8 miles on the Fawn Pass trail including a stop at picturesque Fawn Lake where otter, waterfowl, and songbird sightings are possible. An evening campfire accompanies a filling dinner and fun stories of the Yellowstone country. All meals provided.

Day 4:  Early morning wildlife watching will be followed by a 9-mile day hike to the slopes of Electric Peak, one Yellowstone's tallest and grandest mountains.  Sightings of grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and golden eagles, among others, are possible.  Final evening wrap-up around the campfire.  All meals provided.

Day 5: After a final early morning wildlife excursion, we will hike out to the trailhead.  Late afternoon celebratory lunch back in Gardiner will conclude the program, breakfast and lunch included.

NOTE: Best-laid plans are always subject to change pending weather, park road or area closures, wildlife sighting opportunities, and/or any other unforeseen circumstances that may endanger the guests and staff. Please remain flexible to better enjoy the experience.


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