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"New Alpha Male"

alpha21.JPG (20102 bytes)

300 Limited Edition Prints by Todd Fredericksen

Print Dimensions:  18" X 21.75" on a 22.75" X 27.25" white background

To inquire about a print, contact the editor

"New Alpha Male" commemorates the moment at which the intrepid male, Wolf 21, joins the Druid Peak pack as its new leader, or alpha male.  In late December, 1998, Wolf 21 made a daring bid to fill a vacancy in the pack for top male, which could have cost him his life!  The former male, Wolf 38, was killed by a poacher when he and the pack left Yellowstone earlier that month.  Upon the pack's return to the park, Wolf 21 was there and waiting.  So, too, was Bob Landis, renowned wildlife cinematographer, who filmed the amazing event that would ultimately lead to Wolf 21's acceptance into the pack.   The sequence, the first of its kind to ever be filmed in the wild, took place over a span of about six hours in which Wolf 21 carefully solicited the pack by howling, approaching, and retreating until acceptance was won.  The pack members including Wolf 40 and Wolf 42, the female leadership, were agitated but curious about the new-comer.   But when they would finally greet, the persistence and confidence of Wolf 21 would ultimately gain him the respect and admiration of the pack.

The sequence was filmed for the National Geographic Special, Return of the Wolf , in which the early history of the Druid Peak pack was told in astonishing detail.   Landis has often commissioned Todd Fredericksen, an accomplished wildlife artist in the Yellowstone area, to paint the scene that captures a particularly memorable moment in one of Landis' films.  The obvious choice for Return of the Wolf was what Landis calls "the 21 take-over."

The scene Fredericksen has created puts Wolf 21 with all his confident demeanor, tail held high, in the cottonwood groves by the Lamar River.  He is approached by Wolf 40, the gray alpha female and future mate of Wolf 21's, who engages him with a classic play bow.  Standing just a step away and watching with her raccoon eyes is Wolf 42, the beta female and also a future mate of Wolf 21's.  The image further captures the mood of the scene with the remainder of the pack running and playing in excitement.  Large, downy flakes of falling snow complete the magical atmosphere in which this amazing encounter took place.

42n21.jpg (13126 bytes)

Wolf 42 (left) greets Wolf 21 for the first time

Image by Bob Landis

The limited edition prints of "New Alpha Male" have just been released and they are going quickly.  There are 300 signed and numbered prints that will be sold, current price is set at $110 (plus postage).  To inquire about a print contact the editor.   To purchase a copy of the National Geographic Video, Return of the Wolf, AKA Legends Return to Yellowstone, click here.


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